December 02, 2021


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Day Program (ATF)


The Adult Training Facility (ATF) program’s goal is to provide support activities for individuals with profound developmental delays and physical impairments. Utilizing both individual and small group settings, our staff works on fine/gross motor coordination, independent care skills and educational/recreational activities by providing sensory stimulation, planned activities, and appropriate therapies to promote personal progress and prevent physical regression.




June 30, 2020

Hello Everyone, 

     The following is the reopen plan for Helping Hands, Inc.  There was much thought and care put into coming up with a way to safely and effectively serve individuals while in the green phase.  This is new territory for us all.  Being that there are many unknowns please remember that this plan and the schedules included are very fluid.  In order to keep everyone as safe as possible we will be closely monitoring many environments and making adjustments as we deem them necessary.  These environments include, but are not limited to, our facility and the community at large.  We’d like to thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate these new waters.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. 



Craig Hartman 

Vocational Director  

Helping Hands, Inc. 




Helping Hands, Inc. Reopen Plan 


Helping Hands Inc. has five program rooms and the workshop area in which programming will provided.  The agency will be operating at fifty percent capacity during the green phase.  However, we are offering services to all the individuals we serve.  We have opted to offer people full days which will occur on either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or on Tuesday and Thursday.  The following is the breakdown of the number of individuals, not including staff, that will be in each room: 

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 

Room 1 -4 Individuals 

Room 2 – 5 Individuals 

Room 3 – 5 Individuals 

Room 4 – 5 Individuals 

Room 5  4 Individuals 

Workshop – 9 Individuals  


Tuesdays, Thursdays 

Room 1 – Empty 

Room 2 – 4 Individuals 

Room 3 – 4 Individuals 

Room 4  3 Individuals 

Room 5 – 2 Individuals 

Workshop – 8 Individuals 

This projection is based on when all individuals decided that they are comfortable returning to the day program.  Therefore, there may be timeframes where the number of individuals in each room is less.   

The drop off procedures for the morning have been adapted for the pandemic (see attached AM dropped off procedures).  All individuals have been assigned a drop off time, this time is a ten-minute time frame.  In doing this the agency can safely and effectively bring individuals into the facility and alleviate the number of individuals in the restrooms first thing in the morning.  Each drop off time has a five-minute buffer before the next drop off time is due to arrive.  The maximum number of people that will arrive at the building in one of these drop off times is seven.  Morning drop off will occur at the front entrance of the building.  Additionally, upon arrival all individuals will go through a screening process (see attached COVID-19 Screening Procedures), anyone entering the building will go through the same screening procedure.  All doors will remain locked to outside visitors during the green phase of the pandemic.  All entrance/exit doors in the building can be locked from the outside without impeding exiting from the inside.   

Individuals and staff will remain in their assigned program room as much as possible. Staff will limit individuals’ interactions with other rooms in the agency and other areas of the agency such as the front office area.  Any interactions outside of the assigned program room should be interactions that are deemed necessary.   Within the program areas of each room desks will be distanced six feet on all sides.  In program rooms 1 through 5 we will be utilizing single seating desks for all individuals.  In the workshop area we have one ten feet long desks that will have two individuals each at them six feet apart from each other.  All other desks in the workshop area are single seating desks spaced six feet apart from each other on all side.  In all program areas the individuals will be facing outward from other individuals. All the rooms will be following procedures (see attached COVID-19 Procedures for the Program Rooms and High Contact Cleaning Schedule) to keep both the individuals and staff safe.  Also, we have updated our sudden illness procedures (see attached Sudden Illness Procedure during COVID-19 Pandemic).  Also, we have cloth masks for all individuals who may potentially be attending the program.  These masks will be washed, sanitized, and dried at the facility daily.   These masks will be stored, in a paper bag, in the program room that the individual is assigned.   

Additionally, we are providing time in the community for individuals living with their families on Tuesday and Thursdays as well.  The agency will provide transportation, from their home, to the individuals and will offer anywhere from 3-4 hours of community time.  There is a total of 13 individuals whom we will be serving in this capacity with one of them being one on one’s.  Therefore, we will have a total of six groups out in the community on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to the individuals at the facility.  These groups will also go through a screening process (see attached COVID-19 Screening Procedures) prior to being able to participate in CPS in the community.  Additionally, all agency vehicles will be disinfected prior to and after each use (see Vehicle Cleaning Checklist) 

We have trained staff so that they can be effective in keeping individuals and themselves safe will working at the day program.  Staff have received training on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  As additional signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are identified staff will receive updated trainings.  Also, staff have participated in training regarding proper cleaning and disinfecting of areas as per the CDC.  We have also trained staff on all of the new and/or update policy and procedures.  Additionally, the facility has been cleaned and disinfected as per CDC guidelines and the custodian’s hours have been adjusted to include cleaning hours while we are at the facility with individuals.    

Finally, if a staff or individual is diagnosed with COVID-19 while attending the facility the agency will enact plan (see Individual Testing Positive for COVID-19 Procedure) to keep all individuals and staff safe.   


Helping Hands, Inc.  

AM Drop Off Procedures during COVID-19 pandemic 


This procedure will be in place during the COVID-19 pandemic and may only be rescinded by the CEO of the agency.  The following is the morning drop off procedure for Helping Hands, Inc: 


  1.  All Individuals are assigned a ten minute drop off time frame in the morning.  You will arrive at the building and follow the posted signs for where to drop off at the front of the building. 

  1. Once you arrive and are in the front of the building you will stay in the vehicle.  Staff will come out to your vehicle and take the temperatures of the individuals you are transporting.  Please reference individual screening policy.   

  1. If you can not make it in your assigned time frame there is an assigned time for anyone who missed their assigned times.  You are welcome to drop off then.   

  1. If for whatever reason you end up having to drop off individuals after 10 AM, you will have to call the office at 610-754-6491 and let the administrative assistant know that you are in the front of the building and provide the following information. 

  1. What agency you are from  

  1. Whom you are transporting 


Any individual/family/residential provider who attends, or supports someone who attends Helping Hands, Inc facility located at 415 Hoffmansville Rd, Bechtelsville PA agrees to abide by this policy.  


Helping Hands, Inc. 

Individual Testing Positive for COVID-19 Procedure 


This procedure will be in place during the COVID-19 pandemic and may only be rescinded by the CEO of the agency.   


If an individual/staff tests positive for COVID-19 during any time while at the facility the following will occur: 

  1. Upon discovery all day program services will be suspended for a minimum of fourteen days. 

  1. Helping Hands, Inc. will follow the required reporting procedures laid forth by ODP. 

  1. All individuals will be notified of the potential exposure and ask to do a self-quarantine for a minimum of fourteen days.   

  1.  All staff will self-quarantine for a minimum of fourteen days. 

  1. Any individual/staff who suspect they have contracted or test positive for COVID-19 will inform the agency. 


Any individual/family/residential provider who attends, or supports someone who attends Helping Hands, Inc. facility located at 415 Hoffmansville Rd, Bechtelsville PA agrees to abide by this policy 


Helping Hands, Inc. 

COVID-19 Screening Procedures for Anyone Entering Facilities 


The following screening has been implemented to combat the COVID-19 Virus.  The following is effective immediately and will remain in place until they are rescinded by the CEO of the agency.   

Any individual who enters Helping Hands, Inc facility located at 415 Hoffmansville Rd, Bechtelsville PA is required to participate in the following screenings prior to entering the building: 

  • All individuals must have their temperature taken.  Any individual with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted to enter the building.  Any individuals with a temperature of 100 degrees or more will not be permitted to enter the building until documentation from a medical professional that states they are medically cleared to be in the day program.  Screenings will take place in vehicles, when possible.

  • All individuals will be asked the following: Do you have any respiratory symptoms such as new/worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat? Are you feeling ill? Have you been out of state? If the individuals answer to any of these questions is yes (except for the out of state question), the individual will not be permitted to enter the building. If the signs and symptoms persist for a second day the individual will not be permitted to enter the building until they have been cleared by a medical professional. If the answer is yes to the out of state question, we will inquire which state that was visited. If the state is on the list of states where travelers are recommended to self-quarantine for fourteen days, the individual will not be allowed to enter the building till the self-quarantine is complete. The list of states can be found on the website.


  • All individuals will also be asked the following: Have you been diagnosed with, have a test pending for, or been told by a medical professional that you may have COVID-19?  In the last 14 days, have you had potential exposure to COVID-19?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the individual will not be permitted to enter the building.  Also the individual will self-quarantine for fourteen days and not be allowed to return to day program until the individual has a negative test result for COVID-19.   

Screenings will take place outside of the building in the parking lot at either the main front entrance or the side office entrance.  If the individual is transported via Transnet the family/agency will daily inform Helping Hands, Inc. of the answers to the illness and exposure questions by email or telephone.  All entrances into the building will be locked to outside visitors during this time.   

 If there is a discrepancy as to the accuracy of the temperature for whatever reason we will ask you to pull into a parking space and remain with your individual in the vehicle.  After five minutes the staff will arrive at your vehicle and take your individuals temperature again with a new thermometer.  This will be considered the final and accurate reading and subjected to the above.


COVID-19 Procedures for the Program Rooms 

  • Staff and Individuals will be screened daily for COVID-19 prior to entering the building as per the agency COVID-19 screening procedure. 

  • Individuals will report to their assigned programmatic rooms with the assigned staff.   

  • Individuals and staff will stay in their assigned programmatic rooms as much as possible. 

  • Individual will be distanced 6 feet apart in all areas of the building.  Staff will work with individuals to maintain the 6 feet distance offering both verbal and physical redirection. 

  • Prevocational jobs will be disinfected after each individual use and prior to usage by a new individual.   The prevocational job will have ample time to dry prior to another individual’s use.  

  • High contact areas must be disinfected after each individual makes contact with the area and on an hourly basis, 

  • Common areas (hallway, bathrooms, lunchroom, entrances) of the building will be disinfected after use and every hour.   

  • Individuals and staff will or be directed to wash their hands upon arrival and prior to departure, after touching their face/mouth/nose/eyes, after bathroom use, before and after eating, after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose, after you have been in a public place and touched areas used by other people, such as door handles, tables, etc. If none of these events have occurred within an hour times frame, then staff will direct individuals to wash their hands 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each room for both individuals and staff for times that soap, and water are not immediately available. 

  • Staff will always utilize masks while working with individuals.  Individuals who will tolerate a mask will wear one in the building. All individuals should attempt to utilize masks in the common areas of the facility.  Staff will teach and work with individuals who will not tolerate a mask to become accustomed to wearing a mask.    

  • Individuals that wear a mask in the building will be offered an outdoor break every half hour.  During this break, the individual can take off their mask as long as they remain socially distant from others.   

  • Individuals/families/residential providers will follow the sudden illness protocols if they become ill while at the day program.    


Helping Hands Inc. 

Sudden Illness Procedure during COVID-19 Pandemic 


The following is the procedure for any individual who becomes suddenly ill while at Helping Hands, Inc. day program: 


  1. If an individual exhibits any signs of illness they will be immediately taken to the quarantine area of the day program.  The individual will have their temperature taken and be assessed for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in addition to other potential illnesses.  

  1. If the individual has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher the emergency contact will be called immediately.   

  1. If the emergency contact does not answer the phone the secondary emergency contact will be contacted.   

  1. It will be required that the individual be picked up within an hour of talking with an emergency contact.   

  1. If neither emergency contact answers the phone staff will continue to attempt to contact them for a maximum of twenty minutes.  If no one is still able to be contacted the individual will be transported the nearest emergency room to be evaluated.  Staff will continue to attempt to get a hold of the either emergency contact.   

  1. For signs and symptoms other than temperature staff will follow the same protocol above (2, 2a, 2b).  The maximum time in #3 will be extended to thirty minutes after which time the individual will be transported to the emergency room for evaluation.   


Any individual/family/residential provider who attends, or supports someone who attends Helping Hands, Inc facility located at 415 Hoffmansville Rd, Bechtelsville PA agrees to abide by this policy.  


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